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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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walking through -- a robbery like this is unsettling. >> well it could be a man and woman, it could be me, you know. and a lot of really old people walking around. and how about a woman with a baby and her stroller. just amazing. >> it's very scary for something like that to happen. especially when there's people walking children around. all day during the day. >> city police stepped up patrols in the area. they also say they have some pretty good leads in this case. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. thanks. a tractor trailer hits a pedestrian on interstate 95. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon near exit 57 in baltimore city. the northbound lanes of i-95 between the tunnel and eastern avenue were closed for a while for the investigation. there's no word on the victim's identity or whether charges will be filed against the
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driver of the tractor trailer. all lanes have since reopened. police in anne arundel county are investigating a suspicious death, calls to the lexington road early this morning. police found a 47-year-old woman dead inside of her home. the cause of death is not known at this time. but police do have a person of interest, but they are not releasing the name. >> sit down. >> you may remember this video. it went viral. police officer was out of a job after a camera found him two years ago, now the baltimore city police is speaking out saying he abused his power when he fired him yesterday. >> officer rivera did not curse at him and officer rivera contrary from what you may hear from the department is a decorated veteran who has a lot of support from the business leaders down at the inner
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harbor. >> the president lodged three set doesn't oppose the commissioner increasing the penalty. however, moving from the original six days to termination is a bit extreme and they plan to appeal. an unscheduled landing today by a military helicopter. the national guard blockhawk helicopter had some engine problem this morning and landed on the baseball field at a middle school. >> it's quite a shock when it happens. you hear a loud bang and your first instinct is you want to get to the ground as soon as possible. >> nobody was hurt and school doesn't begin until monday. well, a few clouds this morning and those skies brighten and temperatures went up big time. mid 80s is where we ended up and still an awful nice evening in progress. take a look at the visible satellite view right now. you can see skies clearing up awfully nicely into the
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afternoon. a couple clouds well south of us down toward central virginia. maryland's most powerful radar, expecting those to stay well off to our south and we stay high and dry here in the baltimore area and across most of the state. temperature wise, 85 downtown. 83 annapolis and cooler on the shore, 82 there in cambridge. this everyoning, 80s, partly cloudy. mostly clear, as we go into the rest of the weekend, temperatures head down and they soar back up. we'll talk about that coming up. kelly. >> all right, thanks a lot, wyatt. well baltimore city police are reaching out to hispanics targeted by criminals, republican delegate wants the state to crack down on illegal immigrants. as abc2 news reports, delegate pat says he is going to propose a bill in annapolis that would allow citizens to sue public officials who violate federal immigration laws. >> police officers here -- >> in a bid to break the
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silence, baltimore city police are calling upon members of the hispanic community to report crimes and their legal status will go unquestioned. critics suggest it's a form of amnesty that could backfire. >> if i say i was beat up and killed, fine, don't ask me about my immigration status, but what if jose beat me up and killed me? you're going to let her say he's a bad guy. you could have gotten jose when you had him. >> the delegate agreed that he is prepared to arm the average citizen with the power to sue public officials who violate federal immigration laws. >> you have a mayor who was saying to her police force that was supposed to protect the people, you're not a law enforcement agency anymore, you're a lawless enforcement agency and if you are an illegal immigrant, you now have special status and protection. under his proposed bill, a citizen could file a complaint in circuit court and a judge
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would determine if the case moves forward. if convicted, that official could be ordered out of office or could face criminal charges. >> also were saying we will not detain, deport, or contact immigration officials. >> but his claims come in stark contrast to recent complaints from hispanics fielded by workers. like the two immigrants stopped by city police for a traffic violation. >> then one -- the other was twice and she has kids in the u.s. and the kids are here with the mom and he is gone. >> back to el salvador? >> uh-huh. >> and yet another case, casa claims that the hispanic man call the police to report his van stolen. his case could be turned over to immigration officials, even though he was the victim. jeff hager, abc2 news. now delegate mcdunna says
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public officials cannot lawfully choose to ignore illegal immigrants anymore than they can leave it to the feds to capture perpetrators of hate crimes. someone fired a bullet through the front door of the republican party's culs sullsbury office. >> we try to win, but now we have this, a bullet through our window. what is the message there? are they trying to intimidate us? >> police are continuing the investigation. at this point, they have not determined a motive. according to a new report, as many as 22% of maryland homeowners were upside down on their mortgages. of the 1.3 mortgages in the state. more than 300,000 have negative equity. the homeowner owes more on the mortgage than the home is
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worth. but in hartford county, home sales are on the up swing with the average price close to $300,000. in baltimore county, the owner of the plaza is in talks with an upscale grocer. a spokeswoman for the great atlantic and pacific tea company confirmed the store is one of the 25 sets to close this year. well baltimore's board of estimates has voted to spend more than $580,000 to buy 75 more solar powered parking meters. have 800 digital meters. drivers can use coins or credit cards to pay for parking. the meter prints out a small receipt that lists the expiration time and you put it on your dash board. the digital meters allow for 10% more parallel parking
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space. ground breaking today for an expansion at the university of baltimore's law school. governor o'malley and others grabbed a shovel for the ceremonial start of the john and francis angelos law center. >> project is a perfect illustration of why an educational facility that also sets a standard for environmental protection. >> the 190,000 square foot project comes with a price tag of $107 million. well the maryland state fair kicks off tomorrow, but we're giving you a sneak peek tonight. you'll find all the usual fair favorites. everything from good food to fun rides, musical entertainment and of course the animals. more than half a million people visit the state fair each year. it's been named one of the top 50 fairs in the country. >> we have a couple of new rides added this year. one swing ride and we have the
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roller coaster, which we've not had for about five years. >> country singer, gretchen wilson will perform on friday and pop sensation, there he is, justin bieber hits the stage on sunday, september 5. the maryland state fair runs from august 27 through september 6 at the fair grounds. swimming laps is no easy feet. just imagine trying to swim across america. we'll introduce you to the woman who is helping to prepare folks for that challenge while fighting a huge battle of her own. and those creepy critters known as bedbugs are making a comeback in the u.s. what to do if your home becomes infested? >> that is just nasty, kelly. 85 degrees out at bwi. tough to watch those. we have been as hot as 101. 85 was your forecast, so we have a 2-degree guarantee winner for you. laura out of columbia.
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we'll be back with a forecast that heats up coming up.
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you're watching the station that works for you. abc2 news at 6:00. >> making waves in the most inspirational way. the michael phelps swim school in mount washington. annie is battling cancer, but she's not letting her illness from stopping her battle a challenge of her own. >> relax, relax, then grab. >> they call her coach annie and she has a passion for swimming that is contagious. >> by swimming, they put themselves -- this group in particular has put themselves out of their comfort zone to get into the water for the first time. >> many of the swimmers you see here are getting into the water or taking a dip with a little apprehension.
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>> and it was impulse control. i saw those fliers and said the cause was great, i'm going to try this. i was thinking to myself, you must be crazy because you don't know how to swim. >> get your hips to come up and slap your feet. >> that flier was for swim across america, an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research. for coach annie, she knows firsthand the effects of cancer. >> i was just diagnosed with breast cancer in january and i've gone for my treatments and radiation. i don't believe there's anyone i know that hasn't been touched with some sort of cancer. >> i have a lot of friends who have been fighting cancer or lost to cancer. one of the more vital people in our arts community, john just recently passed. >> goal of getting people to reach beyond their boundaries to fight for a worthy cause has great personal rewards. >> i think that as much as we can do to help the research
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progress, bound to be a breakthrough and if they can be a part of that, that will be wonderful. >> at meadow brook swim club, abc2 news. and the susan g. komen for the cure received its single biggest donation. kfc presented komen officials with a check totals $4.2 million. early this year, kfc also went pink, changing the color of its iconic red bucket of chicken to pink. a first since the change began in the 1930s. well they might be the leaders of tomorrow, but today they are just nervous freshman, with anxious parents, more than 1200 freshman are checking into baltimore johns hopkins university and while they may be learning their way around campus, they know a thing or two about making it easier on themselves. >> i still have stuff in storage i need to take out, but other than that, everything is
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kind of put more or less where it needs to be. >> enjoy grades so you can get to know people. like seriously, do activities and just meet new people. get involved. >> get involved, definitely. >> classes officially begin on monday. good luck. and you know, we have a foundation here run by our own photographer. he is actually looking for donations to help children heading back to school. the preston foundation is collecting school supplies until august 27, also holding a back to school rally at saturday at river view elementary school from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. where hundreds of students will get those supplies and clothes. it's a great cause. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> isn't that gorgeous? >> absolutely. swim across america coming up september 19. >> we'll be rooting for you. >> as i've been telling you,
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annie is a great coach. she is getting me up to snuff. it's been ten years since i did a lot of swimming. >> i can't wait to see those pictures. >> on the blog, too. wyatt's blog. >> you can get involved in swimming. you don't have to swim. volunteer, help out. >> yeah, vicariously. >> outside, we have 82 degrees. i'm choking on the water out there in the bay, i'll think of you. try to send you, you know, some bubbles or something. 40% humidity. winds northwest at 7. and i want to show you this. blue skies late in the day. but as you see, puffy cumulouse clouds. this is the cool front pushing through. it has come through in the last couple of hours through baltimore itself and you can see the skies clear out nicely. we see a few more clouds as that front moves in and tonight you'll notice the change as that cooler air funnels in out of the north and west. it does look like we will stay
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dry. temperatures low 80s, but much cooler west. look where that cool air is pushing in. out toward oakland, that is actually cooler air punching in and that will drop us probably to 60 or so. some spots the upper 50s. humidity low. 40% in baltimore. 42% in york. 33% in hagerstown. so the nice part is, as we heat up through the week, we'll have nice, dry air in place. maryland's most powerful radar, well down into central virginia. we are all clear in our state and as we take a broader view here, milder air on the march. here's that cool front pushing through central maryland as we speak. storm down in the southeast is going to be pushed out to sea and not affect us in any way, shape, or form. we have a long stretch of beautiful weather thanks to that big area of low pressure that is settling in. forecast tonight will call for skies to clear out and into your friday, we are talking mostly sunny, saturday a bluebird sky kind of a day. wear your sun block if you are going to be out there. we are talking about very sunny
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days ahead. now i want to show you the atlantic satellite. miami, and then back off to the south and west. danielle really becoming a power house hurricane. second named storm of the atlantic season here. eye wall developing. a powerful category 2 storm and expected to go category 3. right now, 110-mile per hour sustained winds. it's 1400 miles away from ocean city. as we move this up, we are talking about saturday afternoon, if not a land fall, a close call as category 3 danielle pounds the island and send big waves toward ocean city. not just for sunday, but right into the middle of next week. it takes several days for all the swells to come in. might make it choppy in the lower bay. tonight, 58, clearing, and breezy. nice night. clear night, cool night. tomorrow, 82, mostly sunny. beautiful day. enjoy that, because temperatures are about to heat up. august will make a comeback after a cool night tomorrow night for your friday evening. check it out. the outlook here is saturday.
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87 or so. going to be warm and sunny for the ravens game and sunday right into next week, we are talking 90 plus. so hotter weather is on tap. kelly. >> all right, thanks, wyatt. coming up tonight at 11:00, millions of americans are on a quest to lose weight. more and more employers are encouraging it with incentives. what are the benefits to companies and do the incentives really work? jamie costello takes a closer look. plus last night we told you about a vietnam vet that made contact with his son that he never knew he had. tonight we're going to show you their emotional reunion. bedbugs were eliminated in america after world war ii and they are coming back. partly due to increased travel and resistance to some pesticides. cristie paul offers some tips on what to do if these pests invade your home. >> perhaps you can take comfort in this. these insects aren't known to carry disease.
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in fact, they may pose less of a health risk than mosquitoes. they do like to hide in bedding and furniture and hitchhike on the luggage and clothing of travelers. bedbugs go undetected because they bite at night and don't tend to hurt or wake you up. some people have little reaction to bites, but others develop small red swollen areas much like mosquito bites. they may itch, but generally no medical treatment is needed. you do need to check with your healthcare provider. bedbugs won't go away on their own and require pesticide treatment along with home maintenance strategies. start by cleaning, wash all your bedding in hot water, set the dryer on medium to high heat and keep your bedding from touching the floor. also remove items bedbugs can hide under. use your vacuum cleaner every day on your bed and bedroom furniture and if you are traveling, inspect your luggage carefully and unpack by putting
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clothes directly into the washing machine. >> all right, let's take a look at how that evening commute is looking tonight. live look tonight at 97 at 100. looks like traffic is slow going. have some patience. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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well stocks are ending lower as an early rise from better jobless figures. the dow jones industrial average, let's take a lock at the number. lots of red today. the dow jones down 74. the nasdaq down almost 23 and the s & p 500 down just over 8. give them something to smile about. >> kelly, sunny weekend on the way. fantastic. temperatures will head down tonight, though. take a look. skies are nice and clear across the state. that's going to hold up. the rest of the evening, relatively warm. as we go into the day tomorrow, a bit of a cooler day and then hotter by the second half of the weekend. so it's all good, sunny skies and it will be good. >> sounds excellent. >> that's it for us. we are back at 11:00. have a great night.
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narrator: general motors is making vehicles of the future right here in baltimore county. and with new economic development and worker training grants from governor martin o'malley, this gm plant is expanding. that's 189 new, green manufacturing jobs that will build the next generation of electric hybrid engines right here in maryland. this governor gets it when it comes to protecting our jobs... and keeping our families strong for the future. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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